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Laurie Strode


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Sep 13 2017, 07:28 PM

Name: Laurie Strode
Age: 18
Fandom: Halloween

Friends: Tiffany Cox, Chad Kensington (more to come)
Family: Michael Myers - brother
Enemies: Michael Myers
Lovers: None, as of yet.
Sep 9 2017, 12:44 PM
Hi guys! So excited to be here. You all seem so sweet //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/smile.gif
Sep 8 2017, 09:22 PM
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<h1>Laurie Strode</h1>
<h2>Laur. 18. Sacrifice. Melissa Benoist. </h2>


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<img src="http://rs1232.pbsrc.com/albums/ff372/tvd_ks/Glee/tumblr_inline_mgix2vPbYf1rdizrg_zps3bea647c.gif~c200">

<h2>Canonverse</h2> <h3>> Halloween</h3>
<h2>Point In Canon</h2> <h3>> Laurie is a senior in high school, and she hasn't yet encountered her older brother, Michael</h3>
<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>> Student</h3>
<h2>Orientation</h2> <h3>> Heterosexual</h3>
<h2>Additional Information</h2> <h3>>Laurie knows that she's adopted, and she knows her family had a tragic history. She has looked in to the Meyers family, and has knowledge of a brother who killed the rest of their family when she was only a baby.</h3>


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<p>*Wisdom - Laurie is wise beyond her years, she knows how to keep herself grounded when others are freaking out.
*Charm - Laurie's charisma is noteworthy. She uses her smile and her diplomacy skills whenever possible, but she doesn't count on her feminine wiles as much as some of the other girls in school.
*Running - Even though she's not in track, Laurie can run with the best of them.</p>

<p>*Family - Although she was adopted, the people who raised Laurie are family to her.
That being said, she also has curiosity about her lineage.. where she really came from.
*Heart on her Sleeve - Laurie bares her soul a little too often, and she cares a little too deeply.
*Phobias - Laurie's phobias make her a target for anyone going after someone's fears. Bugs, closed in spaces, snakes, She'and jack-in-the-box's. Those are among her biggest phobias. </p>

<h2>Freeform Section</h2>
<p>Laurie always loved the way the leaves crunched beneath her feet when she walked along the sidewalks in the fall. It was probably one of her favorite times of year, and yet,
it always made her feel strange. She couldn't quite place it. Tonight, she was walking home from an event at school. It was another football game.. it was that time of year again. Honestly, she barely knew why she went. She was good at making friends, but Laurie decided to walk home on her own tonight.. She liked the quiet.
As she walked home this particular night, something in the air felt different. The breeze felt a little cooler than it was supposed to, but she shouldn't have felt such a chill when she was wearing a turtleneck sweater as well as a jacket. She wrapped her arms around herself as she walked, but that didn't work. And then she got another feeling...the one you get when you're being watched. When the hair on the back of your neck stands up, and your goosebumps have goosebumps. "Hello?" She called in to the lonely, dark, suburb street.
"Is someone there?"</p>


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<h1>Laurie Strode</h1>
<h2>Est. PM.</h2>




<img src="https://68.media.tumblr.com/1a9bf95894b06b06e65052c58fefffc0/tumblr_ov1g02TKKY1ssdpfho1_500.jpg">

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