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Oct 1 2017, 02:01 PM
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<h1>Jason Harrelson</h1>
<h2>Jay/Moonshine. 42. Sacrifices. Norman Reedus. </h2>


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<h2>Hometown</h2> <h3>> Mitchell, Georgia</h3>
<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>> Long haul trucker</h3>
<h2>Orientation</h2> <h3>> Heterosexual</h3>
<h2>Additional Information</h2> <h3>>Any additional information should be here; one or two lines is sufficient.</h3>


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GOOD WITH HAND TO HAND COMBAT AND WEAPONS: Let's just say he knows how to fight and has owned more than his fair share of weapons.<p>
LOYAL: Jay will stick by friends and those he trusts through and through.<p>
DETERMINED: He will stop at nothing to find answers, and ultimately, his wife.<p>
RESOURCEFUL: He's used to making something out of nothing.</p>

<p>STUBBORN: He has a problem with listening to people, especially when those people are of any authoritative figure.<p>
COMPULSIVE: Jay tends to jump the gun on things and often finds himself putting actions before thoughts.<p>
EMMA: His pride and joy. The love of his life. She went missing in Salem Hollow and it is still fresh in his mind. He would set the world on fire to find her.</p>

<h2>Freeform Section</h2>
TW: Goes into a bit about abuse<p>
Jay was born in a small, quiet little town in east Georgia called Mitchell. Mitchell was, and still is, the sort of town where everyone knew each other by name. You could walk out your front door, down a couple roads, and be on Main Street, right where all the businesses were. Jay wished he could remember the town for what it was, but, to him, it was a place he never wanted to see or hear of again. Growing up, his father had always been abusive. He'd sit down on the couch, drink himself to near death, smoke a few cigarettes, then go on one of his drunken tirades. Usually, they consisted of finding either his wife or his son (or both), and lashing out at them for whatever reason he could think of. If it wasn't a good thrashing from the belt, it was from his bare hands.
Fear kept both Jay and his mother quiet. They didn't need to hear his threats of killing them in order to keep it all a deep, dark secret.
The silence was what ended up being the demise of Mrs. Beverley Harrelson. That,
and the love for her son. If she had only just said something, to anyone at all, it could've prevented the night that Rick put his hands around Jay's neck and tried to strangle him. In a move to save her son's life, Beverley rushed her husband and tried to get him away. She had been successful in drawing his attention away, but she was no match. In one quick shove, he pushed her and she fell back, hitting her head on the table behind her. She was dead before she hit the floor.
Jay ran over to her and tried to help, but when his young, twelve year old brain had realized that she was gone, his feet carried him out the door. He didn't know where he was going, only allowing the fear to propel his legs in whatever direction they took him. He ended up at one of the businesses on Main Street, collapsed to the floor in a heap of emotions,
and explained what had happened. Rick Harrelson was then arrested for murder and Jay was sent away.
He was eventually put into a foster home, then another, then another, and yet another again. He'd developed such an attitude that no one wanted to deal with him, and in return, he'd been to enough homes that he'd long lost track of them all. It continued this way all the way up to age eighteen, when he was finally old enough to "age-out"
and leave foster care. From there, he moved around from place to place, never actually having any real spot to live. Within a few months though, he got a job at a local mechanic shop. It wasn't much and only required him to sweep the floors and keep the place clean, but it offered him money nonetheless.
He soon was able to afford a small apartment, and as he worked at the shop, the owner had offered to train him to become a mechanic. It meant more pay and something he could actually live off of. Jay took the offer, and after finishing all he needed for certification, he began work at the shop as a mechanic. It became a major turning point in his life, and with the help of friends he'd made along the way, Jay started piecing his life back together.
Jay remained a mechanic up until adulthood, where he then decided to change course and become a trucker. He once more went through all he had to, soaking up information like a sponge, and after what seemed like forever to him, he got his license and bought himself a truck. He had no trouble finding work, hauling loads from state to state and across the country. After a few years, he'd even met a girl at truck stop in Tennessee. She was a waitress; the spitting image of a sweet little southern belle, and always teasing Jay about when he'd find himself a woman and settle down. Turned out, it was her who he'd fallen in love with and vice versa. Although their relationship was made more difficult than most by the fact that Jay was away all the time, they eventually married and she moved in with him back in Georgia.
It was only after about a year through their marriage that Emma had to take a trip up to Maine to visit relatives. Jay had wanted to go with her, though work had him in another state. He was eventually able to drive his truck to Maine, but he soon lost contact with her the next day. It had him worried, and understandably so. They'd been in constant contact with one another the whole time, and now; nothing.
A missing person's report went out for her, and while the authorities were doing their best, Jay didn't exactly trust them. He searched for his wife himself, driving around the entire state for even the smallest of answers. What little sleep he got, he got in his truck, but sleep was always interrupted by nightmares. Nightmares of what could have happened to his wife. Nightmares that seemed to take place in some small little town. And it was always the same one. The Same. Exact. One.
It was after waking up from one of these nightmares that Jay found himself in an eerily familiar place. He got out of his truck to look around and soon came to the bitter realization that he wasn't where he had been when he fell asleep. No, instead, he was in that town from his nightmares. He had no explanation for it, but something had told him he was in the right place. Why else would he have seen this place in his dreams?
Jay is only a recent arrival to Salem Hollow and has yet to find out just how much of a nightmare his life is about to become.


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<h1>Jason Harrelson</h1>
<h2>Eastern. PM.</h2>




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